SPURCYCLE - Original Bell
SPURCYCLE - Original Bell
SPURCYCLE - Original Bell
SPURCYCLE - Original Bell

SPURCYCLE - Original Bell


A serious bell for serious riders: Bells used to be common only on townies and commuters, but fast bikes are getting bells now too. In fact, fast bikes need LOUD bells. Flying through blind corners on the trail? Ripping across the crowded city? Passing pedestrians and runners on your way out for a long road ride? A Spurcycle bell will transform the way you ride. Highly adaptable mounting system attaches to nearly any handlebar, standard and oversize, aluminum or carbon. Fits standard or oversize bars. 

Spurcycle bells create powerful, enduring sound. Give notice well in advance with a loud, convincing tone. Precision built in the USA for a lifetime of way clearing. 

Engineered for quality sound. Spurcycle bells ring 3x longer than others. 

The most powerful bell you can buy: Rings three times longer than others with a powerful sound that will clear your path from farther away. 

Guaranteed for Life: Buy your last bell. Spurcycle bells are long-lasting and completely serviceable.

Available: in a pure raw metal finish or black DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating.

Made in USA: Meticulously crafted in Bend, OR.